Community gallery

While I am unable to run outdoor activities I am endeavouring to make a 3 minute film a day of activities which families can do at home, using basic materials, based on Forest school philosophy.

A lovely friend Elly and I came up with the idea of creating a digital space where kids could upload their amazing creative outcomes to be celebrated. We both felt that the art in schools our kids were going to was only once a term, and was very skills based (i.e. lacked experimentation and creative freedom).

If you would like to add your work to this gallery, please email it to me at with a short description, first name of child, age and area you are from. All ideas, suggestions and thoughts are welcome. This is a non-competitive community of creativity, open to everybody. And it can be of anything, not just based on my videos. Have fun!

Sy x


Alana, aged 2 1/2
Alana, aged 2 1/2
Rainbow forest
Phoebe, aged 14, Portsmouth
Claire, Portsmouth.
Felting by Louise, Melksham
Louise, Melksham
Collage, Laylee, aged 9 from Melksham
Pencil sketch, Laylee, aged 9, Melksham.


“A chorus of birds sang like angels straight from heaven,

The sun peeked out from behind the purple mountains and made my heart ache

You are here, at my house, and you make the best scrambled eggs in the world

Just this food makes my stomach warm and fuzzy, where once was the echo of sleep.”

Syreeta, Bristol.

Seattle, aged 8

Story writing


Joel, 14, Bristol


Mixed media

Teddy, age 10, Bristol

Magic wand
Mud beast by Zephaniah, 7, Bristol
Ghost pumpkin carving

Wild women escape – Mountains

Wild women escape – Beach

Surfing/ paddle boarding with an hour of coaching. Prawn and chicken skewers with a super food salad pot.

Woodland escape – green wood working

Whittling in the woodland. Come on a walk through the forest where we can rediscover the wonder of natural splendour. Learn how to make your own beautiful wooden spoon which you can eat your fire pit fondue with. Or if you are feeling more ambitious, a star gazing chair.

Craft is good for the soul

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