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Syreeta Muirhead BSc (Hons)

Independent educator, Forest school leader and SEN advocate


Syreeta has worked in Secondary education for 20 years and has worked in a wide variety of schools from single sex, inner city, independent, and University Technical collages. During her time in mainstream education, she has always endeavoured to provide the very best learning environment and materials for all the children in the class and strongly feels that if you cater for the highest learning need, it benefits all.

During her first two years of teaching, she understood that she would have a profoundly deaf student in one of her classes. Syreeta immediately enrolled to study BSL level 1 so that she could really make sure she could make the girl feel valued.

In September 2019, Syreeta decided to leave mainstream teaching as her younger son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum condition and wanted to have time to address his needs by flexi schooling. In October, she opened a small group SENsory Art and science class, designed for kids on the ASC but open to all. Since that time, her son has been able to thrive, given the right 1:1 help. She has now opened a private practice, offering 1:1, small group and Medium sized forest school sessions.

All sessions are based on Forest school philosophy, are child led and project based.

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Out of the woods
Small group tuition

Bridge Farm, Bristol

Into the Wild
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SENsory Forets school
Forest school for 7- 16 year olds

Tortworth Forest centre and arboretum

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