Forgotten poem

I have re-discovered a number of “visual journals” I have kept since I was 18. In one today I found this…

I need no carpet.

I want to feel the cool grass between my toes.

I need no roof.

All I long for is a canopy of stars.

No bath shall wash me.

I will lie in a deep green river and feel it flow.

I do not need a Michelin star.

Nothing tastes better than bacon, cooked on the fire.

I do not need to watch the X factor.

The bird song brings me to tears.

I do not need i pads, and Starbucks, and McDonalds,

I do not crave apple TVs. I crave a juicy apple.

I do not need a new car or a foreign holiday. I need escape.

All I need is smiles, and giggles, and huggles and curls in my face. I have found home.

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