SENsory Forest school: Bristol

SENsory forest school is run every Friday from 1-3 in St. Andrew’s scout hut. The activities are designed for children on the Autistic spectrum with comorbid conditions such as ADD, Dyslexia, dyspraxia and social communication difficulties. But the group is open to all. Each week is themed and the themes are based on the children’s ‘special’ interests. It is experiential, child led learning covering most areas of a normal school curriculum, but with no tests, no competitions, no levelling. All activities are optional and each one involves sensory emersion in some way.

Hello lovely families,
Happy new year, If I have not seen you yet!
After taking January off to refresh, complete my forest school qualification and to have a million meetings and forms to sort out for Zeph, I feel that I can give Friday club the concentration and energy that it deserves.
Fran, Vikki and I have decided to change things slightly having had time to reflect on the progress the kids made last term. Firstly, we have decided to make it a closed group because we saw how the kids would make real progress with their social and communication skills, but then would revert back to before, if a new group of people come.
Secondly, it was originally set up for 7 to 11 year olds and as time went on that got flexed. But the point at which we had 4 year olds and 14 year olds, I worried that I could not guarantee everyone’s safety. As my expertise is with teenagers, it makes more sense to gear activities in that direction and from what I hear, this is where the need is highest. With just the older ones around, we can go back to using fire, tools and knives. People seemed to like the themed weeks as being able to manage expectations helped with kids anxiety. As always, Forest school philosophy is about learning being “child led” so feel free to throw ideas at me. As the weather warms up, I would like to use the outdoor space more for learning. Mike says he is up for us being able to have some ownership of it.
If you think this is something you would like your kids to be involved in, please let send me a message via the contact page.

Look forward to seeing you around soon.

2 thoughts on “SENsory Forest school: Bristol

  1. Hiya
    I am a home edding mum to a 13 year son who has Tourette’s/dyslexia/ocd/adhd. He is keen to try forest school and I saw this on the Bristol Home School page. Can I have more details? Are you starting this Friday? How do I book a place? What are the fees?
    Kind regards
    Lisa Wilkinson


    1. The forest school is every Friday from 1-3 at Tortworth Arboretum. It is for children aged 7-15. Sessions cost £15. Your first trial session is free. Then if you want to book, it is by securing payment for a half term. Apologies for the delayed response. I have had no places to offer out till now.


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