Running away from it all

Some days it is true to say that I wake up and wish I was in Brazil. I was not really prepared for being an adult and all it entails. I have had no training in parenting, I still don’t understand Brexit and I still have not developed the ability to poach an egg, despite having 20 years trying. I am reminded of the blooming maths test I was made to take at University three times, and still failed three times (even when I cheated!). To this day I cannot do calculus and still don’t actually understand the point.

This week for Adventure #46 (52 Micro-adventure in one year) I went trail running in Blaise Castle estate. It is open free access to rivers, gorges, castle, forest and open grass land. I used to do quite a lot of trail running ten years ago, but then I let excuses and martyrdom get the better of be. This week has been hard work and I literally felt like running away and joining the Russian circus (or something). I put on my tatty shoes and squeezed myself like a sausage into some running tights and went running through the Autumn sunshine. It felt glorious. There was not really anyone about but a few dog walkers. I would sprint for a while, then stop to look at the ponds. Then hike up the hill. Ponder the view.

Running (and runners) can be quite competitive. Last week I was asked if I was a runner. I did not want to engage into a conversation about how slow I run a 10k so when he asked the question “Are you a runner?” I replied with “No, I am just mental.” I made a mental note to myself that I really need to work on the question “What do you do?” now that I am no longer a teacher. I was asked this yesterday and faltered. People then tend to fill in the blank with “Unemployed.”

The new me is trying really hard not to apologise for my existence on planet Earth and instead be more assertive. So here goes I am…

An adventure blogger, Forest school leader and outdoor activity coach.

Last week I had my first bookings for my new business:

I have to say, it was absolutely thrilling, wonderful and reassuring. Looking forward to the future, rather than running away from it. But if you are feeling in a negative head space, I can thoroughly recommend going out for a trail run. I came back feeling elated.

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