Dreams become reality

On January the 1st 2019, I set myself a new year’s resolution: To have 52 new adventures in 2019. My husband asked me if I was going to complete my challenge yesterday. Like all resolutions, I had kind of forgotten about it. But not because I had given up. It was because it had snowballed into something entirely bigger. This blog started out being called “52 micro adventures.” And has now become an entire forum for my new career, business and philosophy on education.

In January, I signed up for a training course. I remember pressing the “checkout” button and whooping with fear/ delight. No one was around to see me do this. I was sat in my office, hating my job. Said office was a dark, underground room I referred to as “The dungeon.” In March, I started writing this blog, as a dare by my friend Helen who said that my facebook posts were inspiring people. In April, I handed in my notice. In July I completed the practical training to become a Forest School leader. In September, I registered my company ‘Into the wild’. I got my first paid gig at Tortworth Arboretum. I woke up everyday excited! I loved my work with adults. In October I started my own child led Sensory Forest school for kids on the Autistic spectrum. And Airb&b signed up my “Wild escapes: Waterfalls” experience. https://airbnb.com/bristolwaterfalls

I write this blog not to brag, but in the hope that someone reading this will be inspired to start their own adventure, be it in the great outdoors of otherwise. I think that we can easily slip into a rut where we 1) Stop taking risks and 2) Put up with being treated badly. The media has us believing that our jobs are fragile, and that if we don’t follow the “rules” everything will be ripped out from under our feet. It also has us believing that we cannot be happy until we have the right House/ Car/ bust size/ life style. And we seem to be in a mental health epidemic.

I think it took me 39 years to realise what makes me happy. I just love being outdoors exploring forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, meadows. And when you use this space to educate others about nature and allow them to challenge themselves, you watch their self esteem grow and blossom. Ironically, I felt this was the opposite of what I was doing when working as a Design Teacher.

I remember a conversation I had with my other half 10 years ago. He said “You want champagne and rainbows everyday Sy and you just can’t have it!” Today I sit here smug as a Unicorn. It transpires I bloody can. I just had to realise that no one was going to hand that shit to me. I had to go out and find a way to make it happen myself.

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