Nature connection

Why are our kids being made to stay indoors, stay still and shut up?

Nature reserve….please be quiet.

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if I am cracking up? I like working with children. They are hilarious. They have really important stuff to say, and they don’t hold back. This week big son said “I don’t want to go to school.” Hmmmm. ‘Why?” I enquired. “They make us stay indoors ALL DAY! And we learn the same stuff over and over.” Well…I pondered. Not much surprised. “If you stay home I will work you like a dog and make you think till you cry.” He thought about this……. “it’s a better option.”

The thing that everyone in education has forgotten is that people (kids) want to learn. Giving them a carrots does not change it, giving them the stick makes very little impact. My Dad (love him) when I went into teaching said “I don’t know how you do it without the cane!” P.s. my Dad never wacked any of us. He is a true born pacifist and a beautiful grandfather because he has endless patience. So why does he think this is the answer? It is totally weird.

This week I went to Ashton court. The “Nova” trail is four miles long and surprisingly technical. Not like the above photo, nob head-was too busy trying not to die, that I could not take a photo. Don’t judge.

It is a four mile section of trail with everything. But after I was exhausted. The van needed work. I needed to stare into an abyss. The kids were arguing about sweet F A.

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