The Devil and the Angel

Two contrasting micro adventures

Bristol botanical gardens

Adventure #29 was to go to a place which I had thought a million times “I should go there.” And just never got round to it. I have lived in the city for 16 years and never stepped inside the botanical gardens.

It was an absolutely glorious day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trees were dancing. The spring blooms were beautiful and exotic. I felt such great, deep joy sitting by the lake I wanted to buy an annual ticket. It was a small oasis of tranquility in a city full of chaos.

Dappled sunlight

Aside from learning a lot about pollination and about medicinal purposes of plants in the Chinese herbal garden, I just loved the tiny naked cherub statue I sat next to as I had a cup of tea.

If the lord himself has wanted to send an angel down to England, it felt like a fitting location.

The devils pulpit

Today I went for a ‘soft’ interview. After wrecklessly giving in my notice in April, I needed to start to find some way to earn money. If I could do something in the great outdoors, I would be in heaven.

Afterwards, I took the opportunity to stroll a length of Offer’s Dyke to the Devil’s pulpit. It was said that this magnificent outlook was used for the Devil to preach to the monks below in Tintern Abbey. The Forest of Dean looked spectacular with its great undulating forest slopes and the winding river running through it.

As I sat there quietly contemplating a new career, I just marvelled at the beauty of nature. I have spent the last 20 years studying and teaching design only to realise the greatest architecture is growing all around us.

Wild flower

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