Seeking solitude

Finding head space in the wild

In spring, if you blink, you could miss the beautiful cherry blossom, the bobbing bluebells, or the incredible bird song at dawn. It is always a welcome break from the bleakness of winter and feels like the whole of nature is celebrating.

My week has been absolutely full on, one thousand miles an hour and without a break. Usually I am energised by spending time with people, but right now I crave a sensory depression chamber. I find this is particularly acute if I have had a couple of big knocks to my self esteem combined with a lack of sleep.

One of the reasons I love camping is because of the physical space. Most of us do not have the luxury of a huge garden, and just having grass to lie out on and open sky above you makes you draw in a huge breath and feel peace. Micro adventures could be a short distacnce from your home. And if you go wild camping, this could be completely free.

Cool camping with kids is an excellent book/ website and I am yet to be disappointed by any of the sites recommended. Essential criteria for me have to be: 1) fire pit, 2) playpark of some kind 3) small number of pitches. I want to see green and blue and not much else.

But sometimes you just want to be on your bill. Sometimes the total liberation of going in a direction you choose, driven by a thing which just took your fancy is fantastic. In the photo above, I woke up, dropped the kids at school and the sun came out unexpectedly. “I want to see the sea.” I thought. So I jumped in the car and drove to ogmore by sea in South Wales. I walked across sand left flat and perfect by the receding tide and felt it squish up to my ankles. All I could hear was sea gulls and I took joy in having an hour where no one had any expectation of me.

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