Abject thalassophile

This week I was asked at interview “what is your favourite sport.” Dear reader, here is a truth…I hate all “sports” because by their very nature they are acutely competitive and normally involve a ball. Walking, is not considered a sport. Neither is yoga, nor pondering life 20 m under the sea.

I have always found water hugely soothing. I think it primeval a bit like the fire thing. No one hates watching flames. People like to be near rivers, seas and lakes. There is no practical purpose, but it must speak to the soul.

This week we had brunch at a local lido. It must have taken 5 minutes to drive there but my kids had no idea of it’s existence, and we had not been for over 10 years. They relished the prospect of coming back and doing flips into the turquoise deep. The whole point in micro adventure is that you don’t need a passport, you don’t need £100 , you just need an open mind and a child like spirit. You are the governor of your own destiny. You don’t need to go to India to ‘find yourself’, you have already arrived. Come on in.

I find the sea a form of therapy. The ebb and tides. The familiarity. The way surfers just sit, and listen and wait. Then go bonkers when the big one comes. The way my children don’t care who’s watching and act like loons with gay abandon. The beach is our communal playground.

The ripple is calming. And the reflection of light has inspired artists for a millennium. I cannot imagine a life without the sea. I am a qualified scuba diver and sailor. I love paddle boarding. I relish canoeing, but just think if you could go out into open water?

I would love to hear about your micro adventures. Is this inspiring others? Is there any blooming purpose in this blog ?

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